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To all parties subject to application of the public procurement rules, bidders, NGOs, associations, legal or natural persons

Ref. No.: 01 – 4090/10

Podgorica, 17 December, 2010



To all parties subject to application of the public procurement rules, bidders, NGOs,

 associations, legal or natural persons


Subject: Submission of proposals, remarks and suggestions to the text of the Draft Public Procurement Law

Within the Project IPA 2007 ’’Further development and strengthening of the public procurement system in Montenegro’’, the institutions responsible for public procurement system in Montenegro – Ministry of Finance, Public Procurement Directorate and Commission for control of public procurement procedures, within a special Working group composed of these institutions’ representatives, with support of the European Union – the Consortium Planet S.A., BiP Solutions and Crown Agents, have prepared the text of Draft Public Procurement Law.

In purpose of realization of principles of publicity and transparency, that is, involvement of all social subjects in finding the best solutions that will contribute to the more efficient implmentation of the Law, it is necessary to make the text of this document public and available to the parties subject to this Law’s application, as well as to bidders and all other institutions and subjects involved in the application and monitoring of public procurement processes in Montenegro and EU countries.

In this view, it is necessary to submit to the Ministry of Finance and to Public Procurement Directorate, both in written and in electronic form, proposals, remarks and suggestions in purpose of improving the text of the Draft Law at the following e-mail addresses: perisa.perovic@gov.me; mersadm@t-com.me and ivan.krkeljic@djn.gov.me. 

Proposals and suggestions should be submitted, in a clear and complete manner, with an appropriate explanatory note.

The above mentioned proposals and suggestions (including those of institutions from the procurement area, that is, those which are subject to a certain type of supervision) should be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and Public Procurement Directorate as soon as possible, and no later than 17 January, 2011.

The text of the Draft Public Procurement Law is available at Internet pages of the Ministry of Finance www.mf.gov.me and the Public Procurement Directorate www.djn.gov.me.

With respect,


Mersad. Z. Mujević




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